Operational Excellence Seminar

Based on his book, Value Analysis and Engineering Reengineered, Abate Kassa, President of AOK Consulting & Education, will conduct a one-day seminar comprising of a morning orientation seminar and an afternoon seminar where participants will learn and apply the value methodology. When a company unleashes the talent of its value-trained employees, it can self-diagnose its problems and self-discover its solutions. Each participant will receive a personal copy of the book.

About the Instructor

Abate Kassa, C.P.M., author, consultant, and educator in value management, president of AOK Consulting & Education, is a former purchasing manager for Ethiopian Airlines and executive director of ISM-New York for 19 years. He is the recipient of ISM-New York’s 1992 J.H. Leonard Award. Abate holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in government and politics.

For additional details and pricing contact the ISM-New York Executive Office at 1-800-975-0725 or julienneryan@ismnewyork.org