Best Practice Skill Sets - Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Change Management for Supply Chain Professionals

Date: October 14, 2016

Time: 9:00 AM- 4:30 PM

Instructor: Tom Cook

Credits: 7 continuing education hours

Price: $350

Course Description:  
As experienced supply chain professionals, those of us with the strongest “soft” skills often achieve greater success, and as a result, are more valued by our organizations and suppliers.  How do we lead and not just manage?  How do we head off unnecessary conflict and equip ourselves to resolve necessary conflict?  How do we line up support to manage change and help our organizations find value in the disruptions occurring in most industries?  This seminar will build your best practice skill sets in leadership, conflict resolution, and change management, all within a supply chain management context.

Topics Covered:  
This seminar is divided into three equal parts: 

  1. Leadership = Gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between leadership and management, and how both skills are critical to successful supply chain management.  Topics covered include the psychology of leadership, emotional intelligence (EQ), day-to-day practical applications, and the steps we can take to become better leaders and managers.
  2. Conflict Resolution = Learn how to eliminate unnecessary conflict and confidently resolve necessary conflict rather than avoid it.  Topics covered include leveraging your leadership skills to head off and resolve conflict, understanding different conflict management styles, reducing the negative stress that often comes with conflict, and applying conflict resolution techniques.
  3. Change Management = Develop skills to manage change.  Topics covered include seeing change as a positive rather than a negative, leveraging leadership and conflict resolution skills when managing change, and utilizing a blueprint for successful change management.

Experienced supply chain professionals will walk away with solution-based tools and techniques in all three “soft” skills.



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