Optimizing Cross-Cultural Communication for Effective Outsourcing (Offshore/Nearshore) Management

Date: May 05, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Instructor: Pernilla Rorso

Credits: 7 continuing education hours

Price: $350

Seminar Cost:  ISM-New York Members $350/ Non ISM-New York Members $400*

Course Description: In the 21st Century, information technology outsourcing (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) continue to constitute important strategies for international and multinational organizations (MNCs). It is through outsourcing, companies are able to meet the ever-changing requirements in highly turbulent, dynamic and fiercely competitive global business environments and secure both long-term competitiveness and profitability.   Outsourcing benefits across geographical borders can fail to materialize due to severe cultural risks and challenges. These challenges need to be acknowledged, addressed and managed for offshoring/nearshoring initiatives to be successful.

Topics Covered: Participants will learn to identify, address and mitigate cultural risks with tested tools and intercultural management best practices. The workshop highlights and addresses the cultural risks and challenges between several key countries where outsourcing commonly flows, e.g. from the US to India, China, Mexico etc. The instructor will survey participants in advance to be sure regions of relevance are included. Through the 6-D Model©, based on Professor Geert Hofstede’s global study of cultural differences and similarities between countries, and real-world examples, the critical issues and best practices related to offshoring and nearshoring will be taught.

Click here to hear  Pernilla Rorso,  Cross -Cultural Communications expert and instructor explain how this class will help you succeed with your internal clients and suppliers.



Content Examples:
The Culture Compass™ survey:
This survey will measure a participant’s personal preferences in terms of the 6-D Model© iAll participants will receive an individual report containing personal recommendations based on a participant’s answers and the nature of the business relationship (subordinate/colleague/superior/negotiator/person transferring know-how) in comparison to the culture of interest.
Introduction to Intercultural Management - The 6-D Model©: Highly interactive presentation with exercises and quiz questions. This model of Professor Geert Hofstede gives the participants a framework for how to deal with cultural differences in outsourcing. Focus on leadership, decision-making, control, coordination, planning, project management, communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing, and motivation, etc.

Outsourcing Best Practices! Optimizing the Nearshoring/Offshoring Process from an Intercultural Management Perspective (India, China, Mexico and selected additional countries). Focus on leadership, decision-making, control, coordination, profit vs. cost centers, communication, knowledge transfer/sharing, project management, effectiveness and efficiency, performance management, and results.

Key Objectives - For participants to:

• Understand different ways of functioning across cultures and how to adapt to them to gain in efficiency
• Obtain a common frame of reference and platform, which allows cultural issues to be addressed objectively, explicitly and effectively
• Increase their awareness of cultural differences in relation to selected outsourcing destinations
• Understand the critical issues related to offshoring/nearshoring
• Be equipped with competencies to be able to identify effective solutions in a culturally diverse environment
• Increase their effectiveness and optimize their performance in a global business environment

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