JH Leonard Award

The J.H. Leonard Award was established in March 1963 to recognize and honor regular members who have contributed time and talent to the continued growth, development and professional stature of the Institute for Supply Management – New York, Inc.

James H. Leonard or “Jep” as he was fondly known, served as the first Executive Director of ISM-New York from 1920 until his retirement in 1957. He served under 30 association presidents. Jep set the standard of excellence for all members of ISM-New York. His example has thereby enabled the truly outstanding individual to rise above all and be recognized by his or her peers as an individual deserving the highest praise our association could bestow.

If you know of a deserving member, nominate them today by downloading a copy of the nomination form here.

The J.H. Leonard Award Recipients thus far are:

1964 D. Gibson 1972 R. Rhett
1965 E. Krech    1973 G. Fordyce, C.P.M.
1966 J. Snedeker 1974 R. Morse, C.P.M.
1967 D. Lyons 1975 L. Norris
1968 G. Baker  1976 R. Logler, C.P.M.
1969 A. Repko 1977 Robert Davis, C.P.M.
1970 J. Schultz 1978 D. Murphy
1971 C. Adams 1979 J. Batura, C.P.M.
1980 W. Heubach, C.P.M. 1990 P. Kay, C.P.M.
1981 G. Coiley, C.P.M. 1991 Jim Conner, C.P.M.
1982 R. Logler, C.P.M   1992 Abate Kassa, C.P.M.
1983 John McSherry, C.P.M. 1993 Peter O’Reilly, C.P.M.
1984 W. Mansfield, C.P.M.   1994 Jeff Maer, C.P.M.  
1985 E. Handler 1995 Martin Carrara, C.P.M.
1986 W. McCormick  1996 Tom Lawlor, C.P.M. 
1987 S. Sheffield 1997 Peter Oppenheimer, C.P.M.
1988 M. Sinnott 1998 Brian Caffrey  
1989 A. Pedalino 1999 C. Coffer, C.P.M.
2000 Waka Kassa  2010 Bill Drewes
2001 Steve Waxman, C.P.M. 2011 Dennis Garcia
2002 Lou Tognan, C.P.M.  2012 Mike Exler   
2003 M. Goloven 2013 Joseph Robertson, C.P.M.
2004 Stephen Fischer, C.P.M.  2014 Laura Grana
2005 Sal Vitale, C.P.M. 2015 Debbie Jaslow Shatz
2006 Paul Buchbauer, C.P.M.  2016 Ines Eden
2007 Carl Hessick 2017 Shendora Pridgen 
2008 James Kelly, C.P.M.       
2009 James E. Martin