Bylaws & Policies

Attached are the updated By-laws as voted on by the membership at the May 23, 2012 Annual Meeting. Included in this document are the 2013-2014 affiliate policies.

ISM-New York Bylaws Policies

Proposed changes to ISM - New York Bylaws

Dear Members: 

This message is being sent to announce a proposed change in ISM-New York bylaws. We are sending this communication in accordance with our bylaws to allow membership to review our proposed changes and allow for questions. While our bylaws require 60 days notice, the Board of Directors believes the time allotted between this communication and our next meeting in February is sufficient notice.

Changes Proposed
As per our bylaws, a committee was convened and made recommendations to the board for changes. The committee was chaired by 1st Vice President James Martin and included Stacy Ferrara, Treasurer, and Melissa Wahl, Director of Supplier Diversity. 

Our changes are designed to reflect a more streamlined direction of our affiliate, particularly as it relates to our governance. We are proposing reducing the size of our board from 11 members to 9 members. We feel this is reflective of the current atmosphere in which we operate and will help our affiliate thrive in the future.

Attached are documents outlining these proposed changes. We will seek a vote of approval at the next in person meeting scheduled for February 24, 2016. 

Please review and contact julienneryan@ismnewyork.org with any questions or concerns. A membership vote will be conducted at the February Member Meeting on Wednesday, February 24th. 


Proposed Bylaws Language Revision For 2-2016 Meeting (1)
ISM-New York Bylaws & Policies REVISED FOR OFFICERS (3)

ISM-New York Bylaws & Policies REVISED FOR OFFICERS