The ISM-New York Professional Development Catalog for 2016 -2017!

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    Next Steps in Sourcing Techniques and Technologies - Advanced Strategic Sourcing

    Once the obvious categories are sourced, how do you continue to drive value? How do you create agile networks for the supply chains you support? This course is designed for people who already have a basic understanding of a Strategic Sourcing process and want to understand how to penetrate more areas of spend and achieve better results.  It deals with some of the new challenges facing procurement professionals, like “balance of trade” issues and adequate risk management.​

    Topics Covered: This course covers topics and challenges that confront senior, experienced procurement professionals, for example:
    - Differences in approach between goods and services procurement
    - Negotiating the “hard stuff” up front
    - Why eProcurement is important
    - When to conduct a reverse auction
    - Demand management
    - Incorporating “Balance of Trade” demands
    - Growing your leverage – when should you consider corporate buying groups?
    - Finding the “crazy idea” that brings value to your firm
    - Risk management challenges

    Click on this link to find out more information and to register: http://ismny.com/pd-details.php?id=52

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