The ISM-New York Professional Development Catalog for 2016 -2017!

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    Global Negotiation Strategies

    Course Description:  Global negotiation is an art that requires the right understanding and appreciation of intercultural sensitivity. Your foreign counterpart has his or her own habits, customs, and culture. Understanding your own cultural background against these diverse values is essential in becoming more effective in meeting your targets and obtaining positive negotiation outcomes, while building a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to deal with the different aspects of the negotiation process across all regions of the world. By first giving insight into the influence of culture on international business, you will understand the significance of other cultures’ behaviors, assumptions, reactions, and expectations on global negotiations. This course is essential for supply management professionals and will provide you with best practices in cross-cultural negotiations and enable you to develop the necessary skills to achieve successful global negotiation outcomes. 

    Topics Covered:  This course will cover the most, essential topics of global negotiations, such as necessary preparations before embarking on negotiations on an international level and identifying the influence of cultural dimensions on all stages of the negotiation process. Furthermore, you will learn how to make contact and build rapport with members from different cultures in addition to building trust and communicating across cultures. You will also be provided with a solid understanding of cross-cultural negotiation tactics and issues related to power, control, conflicts, expectations, preferences, ambiguity, agreement, and conclusion, among others, allowing you to identify specific cross-cultural challenges and their solutions. 

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