The ISM-New York Professional Development Catalog for 2016 -2017!

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    Cost Analysis Concepts

    Course Description:  This seminar provides a hands-on, highly interactive discussion on how supplier cost factors can be estimated and used to the buyer’s advantage in negotiation. Too often, pricing negotiations with suppliers are based on “haggling” and “pencil sharpening” requests by buyers. Cost Analysis Concepts provides a fast-paced, one-day seminar that shows participants how to break down all the components of supplier costs to calculate the “should-cost” price, thereby allowing for a fact based negotiation.

    Topics Covered:  During this seminar, participants will learn what Cost Analysis is and the principles associated with it. Having a better understanding of the cost concepts and evaluating the cost vs. price analysis will allow the supply chain professional a better negotiation. Other areas covered in this seminar will be the total cost of ownership, cost analysis in the service sector and identifying cost drivers. Time will also be spent reviewing elements of cost and the tools of cost analysis (worksheet).

     Comments from ISM members that have taken this course:
    “It opened my eyes to different ways at looking at a situation and being able to budget and either stick to the budget or come in below budget.”
    “I learned several things that I did not know and this helps me to be aware of some of the questions I should be asking.”
    ” The course was interesting and informative”

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